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A brief story of Bearjig Enterprises, the closed Army Surplus retail store. You can read more details
about it in my published book The Intrepid Pigeon; go to my Home page for information

The Greatest Little Shop In The World

Bearjig Enterprises was originally founded on October 31, 1987 by Berge Wassilian. In the beginning, for a
short period of time the store was named Rocky Surplus & Boots. Then it was changed to Discount Surplus
& Boots for few years. Eventually the more steady name of Bearjig Enterprises was established. The store
operated for 20 years. It was liquidated and closed in December 2007.

Bearjig Enterprises reopened On September 1, 2010 in the same previous location.

But, exactly two years after reopening, due to very bad sales conditions, the store closed on September 30,

It may never re-open as Army Surplus/ uniforms. Instead, the previously established BEARJIG ENTERPRISES
name will be utilized in other applications as the needs of its original founder changes.
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