Life was fast and furious in Beirut's Armenian refugee camps. You had to reinvent
the wheel at every turn, just to survive. You had to be quick on your feet. And your
nickname all but defined who you were. In the Teero refugee camp of the 1960s,
"Musician Tigran's Son" spent a childhood steeped in the indignities of abject
poverty, but also the discreet joys of a vivid imagination and an adventurous spirit.

In a style at once brutally honest and achingly sensitive, Berge Wassilian takes his
novel's self-deprecating hero on a magical mystery tour from the slums to the  
suburbs, the sobering imagery of Lebanon's civil war, immigration, and a new dawn
half a world away, in America.

Now a well-to-do Angeleno in his 40s, Wassilian's protagonist finds himself ridden
with the angst of a comfortable life and a portable computer (his "Lap Dancer")  
begging him to open the floodgates of rumination. He begins to write, not knowing
the first thing about the journey.(*) What he ends up experiencing is much more than
the fleshing-out of wondrous memories: he rediscovers himself-- and the distinct
possibility of personal transformation.

The Intrepid Pigeon is a work bursting with energy. Touching, inspirational, and
often hilarious, it is replete with poetic yet deceptively simple lines, making for
unforgettable stories that elevate the local to the universal.

(*) In addition to the above:
During the journey, the author searches for the invisible hands of God, finds Him,
quarrels with Him, and tries to change His callous methods of disciplining human

The book also includes a tribute to the unsung writer Tigran Wassilian (the author's
father) through a translation of some of his witty maxims and aphorisms.

In a nutshell, the author is in search of the reasons for his self-hatred; he needs to
revive his buried pride in order to become content with the achievement of his
American dream. That pride seems to have been buried with his father when he was
10 years old. By writing, he goes back in time, re-visits his childhood years, settles
some unfinished business with his tormentors, relives Lebanon's beautiful warless
and the miserable civil war years and realizes that in order to restore his self-respect
and wipe out his bitterness, first he had to resurrect his peace-loving father's lost

The Intrepid Pigeon, Berge Wassilian meticulously turns his bitter life
experiences into an amusing  bittersweet drama that grabs the reader's attention
from the first sentence he writes until the last one. And that's an understatement.
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Three cheers for you!

I thoroughly enjoyed your masterpiece - - The Intrepid Pigeon - - and wish to extend my
heartfelt congratulations to you.

Your unexpectedly moving book presents an interesting combination of romance,
action/adventure, suspense, exhilaration, sadness, torment, heartbreaking experiences, a
full menu of emotions, but also efficacious will-power, strong determination, realizable
ambition, resolute courage, undaunted hope, triumph over bigotry and betrayal, as well as
strong commitment and sense of sacred responsibility as an exemplary father and devoted

The book has a lot of depth and poignancy - - it is well-established, well-balanced, and true
to life. It has good lines and great scenes, a lot of heart and great deal of emotion. It is a
bitter-sweet story with actual meat and substance. It is both a sensational and genuine
book and you have nailed both components to the wall. It features several elements that
would become romance novel standards.

Your distinctive writing style stands out from the crowd. Such books are very difficult to
come by. It is one of those rare publications that can be read more than once. If this were a
motion picture, I would have given you a rousing standing ovation, but please accept, once
again, my sincere appreciation and admiration to you for your most impressive work. I am
extremely proud to call you "one of my most talented, visionary and hardworking former


Garbis Der-Yeghiayan, Ph.D.
President, Mashdots College
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